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Killing A Frozen Program That Is Wasting Your Time

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Many people are surfing the internet now a days and they are exposing themselves to a lot of different types of programs. For the most part this really isn’t a big deal assuming that you are getting your programs from reliable sources.

The problem arises when you are using these programs on your computer and they hang. When a program hangs it can really kill your level productive (if it’s happening way too often) and it’s just plane old annoying. So, what can you do to prevent this? Kill the application from running. By “kill” I don’t mean to delete it, all I mean is to just stop it from running and then restart the program all over again later on.

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What You Should Know About Viruses And How To Protect Against Them

The internet has become such a common tool that most people use on a regular basis but one thing that is always overlooked about the internet is the safety of your computer. There are many different harmful things out there on the internet that can harm your computer like malware or spyware but the purposes of this article we are going to talk about viruses and why they slow down your computer. A virus is just a piece of software that has been written to harm a computer.

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Here’s How To Get To Your Applications Quicker To Save Some Time

There are many different ways to make your computer faster out there, but once you have that handled there really is a limited amount of things that you can do to increase your productivity. One of these things being to simply make your applications quicker to get to. Think about it just for a second – how much time could you save if you were able to get to your applications quicker?

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Slow Computer? Consider Re-Evaluating What Programs You Need And Those You Don’t

Isn’t it funny how one day your computer can be running smoothly and then in a few months it can slow down to the point where you just want to throw it out the window? The real question is – exactly why did it slow down? Well the answer isn’t clear cut and easy to digest but most of it has to deal with how the operating system of your computer works. Most Windows based operating systems are designed to work as efficiently as possible, but that unfortunately isn’t the case in real life. What happens is that after time your computer starts to build up junk in many different areas and this is what slows it down (for the most part). All you need to do to make it faster is to remove the junk. The only problem is finding all of the areas that the junk builds up and also removing it.

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How To Reduce The Amount Of Wasted Time On Your Computer

What if I told you that there was one secret little thing that you could do that would reduce the amount of wasted time on your computer? Well there is. The only problem is that is very obvious – so obvious that its almost always over looked. Well, there really is more than just one thing you can do. Its to first learn some of the more commonly used shortcuts that are found on windows and to also learn how to type faster. Sounds really obvious huh? Well guess what, I have spent a lot of time working with lots of different people that are in all sorts of different industries and typing really slow and not knowing even just a few of the commonly used shortcuts that are used in windows tends to be one of the biggest wastes of time.

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Virtual Memory – How To Prevent Your Computer From Running Slow

I take it that you are interested in making your slow computer faster. I’ll let you in on a little secret: tune your virtual memory. Your computer has something called a hard drive which it uses to store files on and something called your RAM (Random Access Memory) that it uses to work with files and programs temporarily. When your computer turns off, the information that was on the hard drive will still be there when you turn it back on, but the information on your RAM will be gone. That’s why it’s a temporary working place.

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How Your Computers Looks Might Be To Blame For It Running Slow

Could it really be true that your computers look might be the real reason why it runs slow? Yes, and no. Its part of the reason you have a slow computer, well actually it’s a small part of the reason your computer runs slow. Your computer runs slow because of all of the junk that builds up on it, but Windows has tuned its operating system to look good so that it will have user appeal.

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2 Small Tweaks To Get More Performance Out Of Windows Vista

Windows Vista has many different effects and features that makes it very unique. The only problem is that the same features that makes it so unique are the same things that are usually robbing it of resources – resources that you could be using to get more done in less time. For the purpose of this article I’m going to show you two ways to make your Windows Vista perform a bit faster but the down side to this is that you are going to have to sacrifice some of Vista’s looks to get a resource boost. For the most part, the average user has absolutely no use for any of Vista’s fancy looks so you should be just fine when you remove them.

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