How To Open Chakra – A Beginners Guide

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According to the ancient and spiritually advanced religion of Hinduism, man has seven energy chakras in his body which are the energy reception and transmission centers located from the base of his spine to the crown of his head. Centers of life force, the physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual condition of man depends on the energy flow from these chakras. Thus in order to open these chakras one needs to practice chakra meditation using specific hand movements or mudras along with Sanskrit sound vibrations.

Symbolized by a red lotus with four petals, the base Muladhar Chakra lies at the last bone of the spine between ones genitals and the anus and stands for group force. To open this chakra, practice the mudra of joining the tips of your index finger and thumbs and meditate chanting the sound ‘LAM’ slowly concentrating on the chakra location in your body. ‘LAM’ should be pronounced as ‘Laahmng’ with a slight vibration at the end.

The Swadhisthana Chakra is an orange lotus with six petals located in the sacral region of a human body. To open this chakra, in a sitting position, place both your hands on your lap, the right one being on top of the left one, with palms sides up. Gently let the tips of your thumbs touch each other and meditate with the sound ‘VAM’ focusing on the chakra symbol in its proper location.

Symbolized by a yellow lotus with ten petals, the solar plexus or the Manipura Chakra stands for personal power of man. Opening this chakra calls for brings your hands in front of your stomach and then keeping your fingers straight, let the tip of each finger touch its corresponding other, except the thumbs. Cross the thumbs over each other and chant the sound ‘RAM’.

The fourth and the central Anahata Chakra is symbolized by a green lotus with 12 petals and is said to be the central power house of the chakra system. To open the Anahata Chakra, start by sitting cross legged and then place your left hand on your left knee. Now with your right hand, join the tips of your thumb and index finger, and place it on your chest, at the lower part of your breast bone pointing inwards. Concentrate on the heart chakra and its symbol and chant the sound ‘YAM’.

The Vishuddha Chakra of your throat, given by a blue lotus with sixteen petals can be opened by bringing your hands in front of your stomach and joining the tips of your thumbs and crossing all other fingers on the inside of your hands in a way so that the thumbs are pointing upwards. Focus on the chakra and use the sound ‘HAM’

The sixth chakra is the third eye chakra symbolized with an indigo lotus with two petals. Located between ones eyebrows, it is known as the third eye and is the beginning of the spiritual journey of man. To open this chakra, join the tips of your middle fingers and point them upwards, bend the rest of your fingers inside with the phalanges of the index fingers being joined and thereafter join the tips of your thumbs pointing them downwards. Chant the sound ‘AUM’ or ‘OM’ considered to be the most powerful sound in the universe.

The seventh and the highest is the Sahasrara Chakra, the violet lotus with a thousand petals reflecting the ultimate spiritual enlightenment of man. Remember not to work on this chakra before you have opened and grounded the Base Muladhar one. To open this chakra, bring both your hands in front of your stomach and cross all fingers like you do while in prayer. Then, lift up both your ring fingers and join the tips keeping the fingers straight, Moreover, cross your thumbs one over the other with the right one being on top and chant the sound of creation ‘NG’ concentrating and meditating on the lotus at the crown of your head.

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