How Do You Record Subliminal Messages

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Subliminal is a sensory threshold called limen. Subliminal messages only affect the subconscious mind and not the conscious mind. It has been found in music and in advertising. In advertising, it was used to get the consumer to think they are getting a better deal. In a study done in a movie theatre sales of popcorn and soda increased over 50% because of a sign held up less than 100 milliseconds stating, “I want popcorn, ” and “Drink more coke.” Does this not sound easy? So how do you record subliminal messages that will give you the advantage?

Subliminal messages can be used by audio or video. If you want to know how to record subliminal messages, audio is the simplest way to go. Maybe you want to stop smoking, maybe you are trying to increase your memory or maybe to be a better person all around. If you are asking how do you record subliminal messages, there are a couple of steps to take.

You want to come up with a powerful message and be sure it is positive. Pay special attention to the positive and stay away from the negative. When recording your message, speak in the presence tense. “I have, ” or “I can.” This message should be repeated over and over again.

How do you record subliminal messages? After finding your message you want to communicate, you will need to buy a software product for recording. There are many out there and some are of better quality, so do your research as to what will meet your needs best.

Since the message will be covered by some sort of audio. You will want to buy an audio that you enjoy listening to. You favorite songs, even an audio book will do. If this is for another audience, you will want to choose something to appeal to that audience.

How do you record subliminal messages? It is not really hard to do. But do they actually work? No one knows if subliminal message do not work, but we do know the human mind pick out information and learn from it. If used wisely, you can get rid of that phobia, drop an addiction or just improve you life altogether.

For more help to record subliminal messages see how to make subliminal messages yourself.

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