6 Causes of Disunity in Churches Among Christians Today

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Though for years churches have been seen to be set foundations, for seeking peace and sharing Godly strategies with no conflicts, diverse factors have counted to the reason for disuniting among Christians, suggested below can be some of the factors behind disunity in churches today.

1.)Fight For Leadership: From the start churches had different leaders to lead them, this aids the smooth flow and development of the churches, sadly other Christians think that these leaders are the subject of some favors, that is they are subject to share some contributions given in the churches, more people are drawn to being leaders resulting to self fights, this causes disunity in churches.

2.) Failing to Feed/Satisfy Christians Spiritually: This factor contributes highly to disunity in churches today, many unprepared and unqualified people, take the scriptures and evangelise pointing fingers to others and or even fail to translate them well, a cleric should be one prepared for the sermons and asked for the Holy Spirit of Our Lord God to lead them to evangelise well, Christians tend to pull back as they aren't spiritually well fed or satisfied.

3.) Differences in Baptism: This is on the pull day in day out, different religions Baptize differently; causing great controversy in the church, Christian fail to understand what the right way to get baptized is; many get out of the church after conflicting over the same, which is a sign of disunion.

4.) Social Discrimination: Discrimination of other Christians raise the issue of disunity, other Christians consider themselves as perfect and/or their social background is highly ranked than others in the church, why discriminate others and we are told of equality before the The king of kings? This has contributed to disunity in churches, for some feel less recognised in the church as Christians in their status.

5.)Misappropriation of Church Funds: Folk are running for richness in the wrong way, leaders and some selected church members have a tendency to share church funds, which Christians have given for the development of the church matters. When this is realized by the whole church, it makes an effort to inquire of the whereabouts of the funds, failure to account for gives rise to conflicts causing disunity among the Christians.

6.)Political Interferences: Though in unusual cases, political instabilities of a country do contribute to the disuniting in the churches, as a certain group supports party A, another rises supporting party B. This considerably causes loathing among the people's hearts and even end up insulting one another, this leads to disunion too.

We are to pray often for our churches generally and the entire country, not to be concerned in such issues, so that as a country of Almighty God we support one another to grow spiritually as required.

Note that this aren't the only reasons behind disunity in churches today, there are several more causes.

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