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How To Be Successful With Your Cosmic Order

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by Carole Stracken

Have you heard about the latest fad – Cosmic Ordering? It seems everyone wants to make a cosmic order but what is the truth behind it?

Nearly everyone has heard of the secret and the law of attraction. However, you may like to know that cosmic order is more specific and permits you to have that which you desire.

If you could have the desires of your heart, what would you order into your life today? Is it your wish to be in perfect health, is it wealth and material items you wish or do you want a perfect mate? All of these things are free for the taking by asking for them when you employ the cosmic order system.

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Set Your Mind to Lose Weight

by Joshua Seth

If youre like most people, youre seriously thinking about losing some weight. Its got to be the #1 resolution of all time. The problem is, most people simply have the wrong mindset for weight loss.

Do you want immediate results? Do you focus on the sacrifice of giving up the food you love?

All you have to do is to change your belief that when you lose weight you are not sacrificing anything; you are gaining everything? How would that change your attitude about losing weight from now on?

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Understanding Your Emotional Brain

by Dr. Mike Gosling

All internal or external events that occur in your life are interpreted by your brain. If in fact we have positive feelings about a life event, that’s equates to a Non-Problem Status. And so we really only need to worry about life dramas when they create a negative emotion. Why? This article, the first of seven, will help you understand why.

Today, I’m going to share with you the importance of using your emotional brain to understand how your body reacts to events.

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Getting Out Of Debt And Control Of Your Life

by Jennifer Schimdt

Debt chokes the ability for you to prosper and have a financial future, and until you deal with the problem you will never be free. Do you ever think about the amount of credit cards you own, and then think about the amount of interest you are paying on those credit cards every month? I bet it is a staggering figure. Most people dont even think about it because they dont want to know how bad they are hurting financially.

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Unlock iPhone – iPhone Hacks and Apps

by Berry Brown

So your shiny new iPhone is sitting there staring at you. Can you not just hear it whisper, “Unlock me…Unlock me…Unlock me…”? What do you do? How may you unlock your iPhone? What if you don’t want to utilize AT&T, the recognised carrier, for your iPhone service?

The options today are several. Do some Google search for “unlock iPhone” and youre faced with hack after hack, software after software, everyone claiming to be the best way to unlock your iPhone. Dig alittle deeper, and you will see tutorials absolutely talking about jailbreaking, preparing the phone for the software, firmware patches, unlocking the SIM-lock, and much more.

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What Should I Do To Win Back My Ex?

by May Lehmann

If you’ve just recently broken up with a loved one, who could blame you for continuously asking yourself the same question, “how to win back my ex?” This is a normal reaction considering the sadness and hurt that accompanies a break up.

Apart from books, there are a wealth of forums and blogs, not to mention thousands of websites, all promising solutions for winning back an ex but the truth of the matter is, that in most cases, common sense prevails. Being polite and courteous may just be your most powerful tool you have.

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What’s the Cost of Wedding Photography?

by Michael J

As much as every bride would love to have a Wedding Photography Price List and bargain with it in hand, that’s just not simple as ABC or legitimate given the state of wedding photography.

OK, don’t worry. I’m going to clue you in so you where you can acquire a “ballpark” pricelist with #keyword# in several ranges. The Document will help you with your comparison shopping.

However, let’s talk about some random subjects first…

Photographers Determine Fees on Knowledge+ Talent + Business Expenses

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Bipolar Mania

by Ken P Doyle

You were introduced to a new member in your theater actors guild by your friends. Her energy and extraordinary happiness easily caught everybodys attention. Everyone was raring to go back home that night after practice had ended. However, you were surprisingly invited to go to the disco with your new found friend but you decline the offer and gave her your home number instead. Later that night, you were awoken to a call and heard her sobbing on the phone while ranting about how miserable her life is and how she wanted to end it at that very moment. No one would ever want to be in this horrific situation. However, what you just read is a reality of a brain disorder known as bipolar mania or manic-depressive illness.

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