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Massage Chair Review: Panasonic EP30004TU Massage Recliner

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by James Knolan

The focus of this review is the Panasonic EP 30004 which is part of the Real Pro Ultra series of massage chairs. Unlike most massage recliner reviews, we follow a systematic approach to the review process. We review 5 important areas of the purchase of this product. The 5 areas we use for the review include: Warranty & Customer Service, Comfort/Ergonomics, Ease of Use, Features and Massage Therapy. The overall rating is given by adding up the points earned in each category for a total possible score of 100 points. Here is our evaluation of the EP30004.

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Benefiting From The Cosmic Order Service

by Jamie-Lee Day

The thoughts and theories about the cosmic order service have been prevalent around the world. Even celebrities and other popular people were influenced by this attitude; they even endorse it and introduce it to the public. If you are interested, you would wonder how this cosmic order works and why this is possible to other people yet seems impossible to others.

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Investigating IT Career Courses

by Scott Edwards

Should you be looking for Microsoft certified training, it stands to reason you’ll want companies to provide a wide range of the finest training courses currently available. Maybe you’d choose to find advisors with experience of the IT industry, who can offer guidance on what sort of job would suit you, and what sort of tasks are suitable for someone with a personality like yours. When you’ve settled on the job you’d like to get into, an appropriate course has to be singled out that’s a match for your current skills and aptitude. This can be personally tailored for your needs.

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Omega Fatty Acids and Your Health

by Christian Goodman

I grew up in Iceland where we would drink the pure fat from fish liver. It’s called lysi and it was awful. Today you can get it in pill form.

All I knew is that it was somehow beneficial to me and my health. As an adult, I developed an insatiable curiosity about natural health remedies. So, in addition to my other research, I decided to research the benefits of the fish fat.

Omega Fatty Acids are essential but our bodies cannot produce them. For that reason, we have to supply our bodies with this through other means such as food.

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What Color is your Wedding Photography Style?

by Michael J

How do you know what type of Wedding Photography works for you?

Is photography something that you get emotional about? Do you create pictures in your mind and relive the experience when you see a picture? Are you surrounded by art that reflects YOU? If you aren’t, then don’t really have a need for a photojournalistic style of photographer, because your photos are probably going to end up in a drawing collecting dust. If you’re an art guru and do value and enjoy photographic works, then you should look for a professional that can match your story with vivid photo art and story.

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Simple Ways To Experience An Amazingly Real Lucid Dream!

by Colleen Rikke

If you are not yet familiar with the phrase, Lucid Dreaming is a relatively simple concept. A Lucid Dream is a dream where you are aware that you are dreaming, even while in the middle of it. The degree of lucidity depends on a few things – how much control you can exert over events in the dream, how much of the dream you can remember upon waking and how stable the dream is.

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Curb Stress from a Reflexology Foot Massage with Massage Chairs

by Steve Esquire

It has been found that reflexology massages can help to reduce your stress and anxiety. We seem to take so little time for us to decompress. We are under constant pressure that builds up in the body and needs to be released. Do you know that a reflexology foot massage can relieve headaches? It is also good to relieve back pain and help to reduce stress while inducing relaxation. Did you know that the best massage chair recliners have effective foot reflexology massages?

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The Best Way To Set Up A Tickler File

by Dojo Kuhn

As part of my ongoing GTD Thirty Day Challenge, I wanted to talk about how you should set up a tickler file.

From what I can tell, David Allen is a big believer in the 43 folders tickler file. If you haven’t seen a tickler file before, it is 12 folders for each month and 31 folders for each day. Right now it’s January so I’d have my 31 folders behind January. As each day passes, I’d move the previous date behind February. Since today is the 21st for me. Folders for days 1-20 would now be behind the February tab.

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